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control issues (Day 13)

1 Samuel 13

The warning was given in chapter 12…the warning that even the King must obey the commands of the Lord…and Saul just. didn’t. listen.

When it came time to offer a sacrifice to the Lord, Saul took control and sentenced himself (and his son) to death.

He thought he had good reasons – Samuel was taking too long, the people were discouraged and leaving, the battle was waiting for them – all perfectly acceptable reasons to take control of the situation.

Or…at least…Saul thought so.

And, if I am being honest, I would think so – because I do the very. same. thing. I wrestle control out of God’s hands all the time, for much the same reasons as Saul did…and the consequences are disastrous. For Saul, it means his rule will be broken off…for me, there is a break in my relationship with God.

I don’t know about you – but for me, when God and I aren’t ok, I am not ok. I wish that were reason enough to stop seeking control and yet… sigh

(What is this all about?? check out the explanation on Day 1)

Looking up, as always…


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