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trust issues (Day 10)

Between Mothers Day on Sunday and a root canal today, I haven’t posted…but I have read. Tonight’s post is for 1 Samuel 10…

Saul is chosen by God to be king.

He has now been anointed with oil by Samuel, confirming his place as leader of Israel.

But God goes a step further…He promised him a series of complex signs to prove to Saul that God Himself has moved in his favor.

The signs all come true and Samuel shows up to announce Israel’s new king…and he is nowhere to be found.

After some searching, God reveals that the newly named leader of Israel can be found…hiding among the luggage.

This got me to thinking:
How often does God make me promises and cause all the “signs” to fall into place so I am reassured of His calling…only to find me hidden with all my old baggage, too afraid to come out?

Yeah. #TrustIssues


(What is this all about?? check out the explanation on Day 1)

Looking up, as always…


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