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and so…I run (Day 8)

And so it begins.


The last story of Israel and God shows a mighty King defending His people against a terrible enemy. And now, in 1 Samuel 8, time has created foggy memories and the people have shifted their focus. They go to Samuel and say “you are old and we need a man to lead us…make us a king.

A very displeased Samuel brings their demand before God…and God’s reply is “ok, but first tell them what a King will do to them.

Samuel does, in great and graphic detail, but the blinded response of a people set on what they want to do is the same: “give us a king…one that we can see“.

Samuel takes this back to God and His response is simply: “Obey their voice and make them a king.” {8.22}

Did His heart break at this?

I will be honest…I think that both God and Samuel were crushed by their response. They HAD a King…one that loved them, ruled over them, defended them like no man ever could…but no. “No thank you. Give me what I want because You…You aren’t enough…not for me.

My heart is broken because, you see, I found myself in these people…

I saw my own heart in their demands…

I am flooded with realization of the injury I have inflicted upon the heart of the very One I have rejected in the pursuit of my selfish desires.

But as I turn now to look Him in the eye, I hear His whisper: “I don’t care why you ran or where you went…I only care that you come running back home…to Me.

And so…I run.

(What is this all about?? check out the explanation on Day 1)

Looking up, as always…


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