#lampandlight, 31 Day Scripture Challenge

to believe like hannah (Day 1)


I have joined with Kristin Schmucker and her online #lampandlight community for a 31 Day Scripture Challenge. What is it?? Pick a book of the Bible that you would like to read…and each day in the month of May, you read & study one chapter of that book. Then you take a photo, post it to FB or IG with “#lampandlight”… and you are in!!

{and if you want to follow me on IG, I am @bina526}

A friend of mine suggested that I post my thoughts here…and so…here I am.

Day 1.

I honestly chose 1 Samuel as my 31 Day Scripture Challenge book because it had 31 chapters in it (sad…but this is no lie). I think God (being God) chose 1 Samuel because He *knew* I needed to see the raw faith of a woman who was truly *desperate* for God’s help.

Hannah prayed so fervently that she appeared drunk…and then was simply told “go in peace and the God of Israel grant your petition”…and she BELIEVED it. Fully. 100%. No doubt at all.

I am humbled by her example…and deeply motivated to re-evaluate my heart before The Lord.

What a way to start this 31 days with #lampandlight!!

Looking up, as always…


13 thoughts on “to believe like hannah (Day 1)”

  1. I love a challenge to get me digging into the Word. A friend of mine just challenged me to “camp” in a specific story or passage of Scripture for the next month. I haven’t decided where, yet, but I like the idea of blogging it!


    1. That’s a cool idea!! I haven’t heard of that one but I like it because sometimes you run across a passage that just seems to have layers to it…I will play with that! Thanks for sharing it.

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