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when God said no

I have been having an issue with my thoughts.

As I draw closer & deeper in my daily walk with God, I find that the level of my mental distraction goes thru the roof!!  Sin issues, people problems, tendencies to worry, being prone to daydream…  What was under “control” now was spreading up and out and all over everything I was trying to put right with the Lord. UGH!

I thought it was me.

I thought I needed to try harder…read more scripture…do more to make sure I was walking “right”.

I thought I was messing everything up…and I beginning to feel yucky even IN His presence.

So I started asking Him to just make it stop.


Shut up the chaos, turn off the noise, let me walk with Him in total peace.


He whispered that to me last night as I was mentally wrestling my “bad stuff” back into the closet that it had just exploded out of.


He whispered it again as I took my morning prayer walk a little while ago and found myself distracted by stupid stuff that has no business in my prayer time.

Totally wrong!

I knew I was hearing Him and peace was slowly painting the walls of my heart, even in the MIDST of the background noise…but I think He wanted to make sure that I knew it was Him talking and as I sat down after my walk, He spoke thru today’s Jesus Calling & James 4.6-8

Trust Me and don’t be afraid.

I want you to view trials as exercises designed to develop your trust-muscles.

No, I won’t take away your struggle to make it easier for you to be a “good Christian.”

Submit yourselves therefore to God.

Me rescuing you isn’t the point of the struggle…you are looking for the wrong solution to the problem.

Resist the devil and he will flee from you.

I need you to struggle…because it is then that you will trust Me, believe Me…and you will grow.

Draw near to God and He will draw near to You.

You aren’t alone in this “clean up” effort that you have going on inside yourself.
I am right here with you, seeing everything that is being thrown at you
and I will give you the tools to sort it all out. Just keep going.

It is so easy to get tripped up by the little things…but this morning, I am thankful for His presence that comforts my confusion, thankful for a heart that is seeking after Him even when I forget how to do it “right” & oh so thankful for the gift of eyes that see and ears that hear the Truth of the Lord despite the noise.

bible glasses
“Give Me Eyes That See”
(taken by our youngest daughter)

Looking up, as always…



4 thoughts on “when God said no”

  1. I LOVE this because I was struck by the same passage in the same book this morning! What a comfort some days knowing that across the miles, we are holding the same words and learning the same, yet different, plans God has for us. Yes, sometimes the thorn stays, grow from it.

    1. That makes me tear up… I had a totally different blog that I was writing and God had me delete and write this one…and then this. Thank you, my friend…my heart loves yours from Cali.

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