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when love hugs back

Day after day I try to explain You
Like I can contain You in so many words
You are the ocean and I’m on the shoreline
Thinking I know You like You could be learned

A moment alone, hugged by a quiet breeze
Just you and me standing face to face, eye to eye
Your hand reaching for the one I have hanging free
Your eyes filled to capacity with devotion and I don’t know why

After all of my searching, all of my reaching
I’m left with nothing…nothing of worth
You treasure the broken, over and over
Give me a hope that could never be earned

The world seems to spin and I stumble into your ready embrace
You laugh as you catch me but your arms just don’t let go
I try to pull back, you breathe into my hair and I look up into your face
…and it is here that I find there is nothing greater that I will ever behold

I thought I knew Your face, I thought I tasted grace
But I had never felt anything close to this
Just when I’d seen it all new mercy breaks the dawn
With my eyes open wide…it feels like the first time, first time

Your beauty no eye has seen
Your majesty overwhelming
Your love for me is healing, oh God

…it feels like the first time.

The journey back into step with my Savior has been
an experience of emotional surrender to a Love I don’t deserve…
…a Love I surely don’t understand…
…but One I can’t ignore or gloss over.
I am thankful for everything (the good and the bad) that led to the moment I tried to capture here
by blending my own words with those of MercyMe’s lyrics from ‘The First Time’.

Linking up with Woman to Woman today.

Looking up, as always…



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