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When Grace Falls Like Rain

This weekend was hard.

My brain was in overdrive as every mental stumbling block you can think of was hurled at me, leaving me evaluating…examining…and absorbing.

By last night, I was e.x.h.a.u.s.t.e.d.

I opened my devotional just before bed and was led to Matt 11.28.


Simple words.

Come to Me.

So easy to distort.

…but?? I had been coming to Him.

All weekend.

I was praying, I was reading, I was seeking.

But the chaos was still echoing, screaming from all directions.

I was confessing, I was looking up, I was trying.

I came to You?!?!…and then I climbed into bed as exhausted as I was when I first reached for my devotional.

This morning I woke up with the mental drama ready to pick up where it left off. Seriously?!? I am coming to You, Lord.  I mean, what else do You want from me??

Come to Me.


My Bible study partner showed up and I unleashed my burden onto her.  Dude, I am coming to Him and yet nothing is changing.  How is this thing supposed to work??

She laughed…she shrugged…and we began to go over our study.

It was halfway thru the lesson.

It was my turn to answer what I had written.

And it hit me like a cold, unexpected downfall of rain.

Come to Me.

Not pray to Me. Not read about Me. Not look for Me.

Not confess to Me. Not stare into space for Me. Not even try for Me.

No…none of this was what He was asking of me.

COME to Me.

BE with Me. 

ABIDE with Me. 

stop DOING…even for Me.

As I tried to speak, my throat caught and the tears came up from the pit of my stomach.


I looked up at her to find her face flooded over with her joy for me and her smile widened.

Better now?

…yup. I am. In every way…as I dance in Grace’s sweet rain shower.

Looking up, as always…


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