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change your mind

I wonder if you know that sometimes I just want to give in.

i know i am the one who closed the door,

the one who set the boundaries between what there is of us.

it was me. and i can’t say i did the wrong thing.

in fact, i am positive it was the right thing

…but i want you to know that it is so very hard.

I just want to reach out, be friendly, like it was before.

i know i am the one who has the issue

the one who has to take the step back from the closeness of you.

it is me. and there isn’t anything i can change.

at this point, i know i need to leave it as it is

…but i want you to know it is always a deep struggle.

I wanna say a simple “hi” and have it be nothing more.

i know i am the one who can’t let go

the one who doesn’t seem to be able to just move on from here.

it has to be. and i’m honestly not sure i want to.

it is you, the one who has burned into me

…and i want you to know that i treasure that scar.

I wonder if you know that sometimes I wish about you.

wishing flowers

{the thing I have always loved about poetry is that it gives my heart a language to speak with.  the rules are there are no rules…and expression is completely loosed. no one else really knows for sure what is being said, even when the words seem totally clear, and so it gives the ability to hide while standing right in front of you.  i love poetry…and i hope you don’t mind that I let my heart do the talking from time to time.}

Looking up, as always…



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