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Breaking The Tape

I love love.

  • Fairy tale love.
  • Chick flick love.
  • Romance love.

Seriously.  If there was a dictionary that let you look up those three things for a real-world definition…you would see my picture…goofy grin, crazy eyes and all.   My favorite movie is He’s Just Not That Into You … mainly because I relate so much to the lead character, Gigi, as she is:

  • Massively impetuous.
  • Totally head over heels in love with being in love.
  • All or nothing.
  • So innocent that you can’t help but like her…unless you are the guy she has already planned the wedding for after only five minutes together.

My husband always rolls his eyes and groans when I leap across the couch to snatch the remote from his hand to select it from the TV menu…doesn’t matter at what point it is in the movie, I am already living it in my mind.  Just waiting for the end, when the right guy finally tells Gigi that she has found true love…that she is his exception.  He says the line and they kiss…and before I can get the question out of my mouth, my ever patient man says “Yes, dear…you are my exception.”


but I realize that love is the tape that runs in my head, pushing and pulling at me, telling me to be more, do more…no matter the cost.

Today I am guest posting over at Jennifer’s blog, Finding Heaven.  Won’t you join me over there for the rest of this post…and to discover a woman who inspires me to give more of myself to God and to others.  Click ~> HERE <~ to finish this post.

Looking up, as always…



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