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a month by photo {week 2}

I know I said I would update this on Mondays, but…this past Monday morning, as I was driving home from school drop-offs, I was involved in a car accident that left me very sore and tired.  I am ok – wish I could say the same for our van…but I praise God for His covering which allowed both people involved to walk away from the accident…shaken, but ok.

Now…as for week 2 in the Photo A Day May challenge that I am taking part in.  You can view the pics from {Week 1}…or scroll on down to see those from {Week 2}.

Day 8 “a smell I adore

When I was a teenager, my friend and I would go into Dillards to get the free samples of perfumes…and I fell head-over-heels in love with this scent. It sells for almost $100 a bottle (!!!) so I settle with small sampler bottles from eBay ;o)

Day 10 – “something I do everyday

I believe that God creates us all in very unique ways…and I think my soul is made up of musical notes. Ok, maybe not…but I do know that without music, a part of my soul would die…and so music is a part of my everyday life.

Day 10 – “favorite word

One of my favorite movies is “Two Weeks Notice”…and in one of the scenes, Hugh Grant and Sandra Bullock are standing on a rooftop, eating cake, and talking…when suddenly, Hugh says “There is something amuck with this sponge cake.” I laugh each and every time…and it ranks at the top of my favorite words beCAUSE I can’t say it without seeing his face in that moment.

Day 11 – “kitchen

For me, there is sweet joy found in a clean kitchen.
For seven people in a house, it is hard to find that way.

Day 12 – “something that makes me happy

…I just love that dog…

Day 13 – “mom

A teenaged boy is hard to get affection from…but on Mother’s Day (and with the help of Dad), he had no choice but to let Mom and *both* Grandmothers love all over him.

Day 14 – “grass

While I will admit that this picture was taken awhile ago…I kind of lean on the accident happening that day as my reason for not stooping over to photograph the grass. This is one of my all time faves, tho, because I love the view my camera phone snapped!

Can’t wait to see what the next week in photos hold…and am praying that I can post on Monday *fingers crossed* ;o)

Looking up, as always…



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