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a month by photo {week 1}

I have seen other people participate in something called “Photo A Day Challenge” and, while I found it interesting, I had no idea how they knew what to take pictures of…that is, until Barbie over at A Freshly Brewed Life posted May’s challenge prompts on FaceBook!!

For me it is a no-brainer as it combines three of my favorite things:

  1. Instagram
  2. Taking photos
  3. Sharing photos

…so I jumped on board with a gleeful squeal.

Every Monday this month, I will be posting the pics from the last week here…so if you stop by, you will get a chance to see “the world, a’la Bina”.

Day 1 – “peace

Sitting in the backyard, under the tree, I started Bible study with my iPod on…but soon the branches above me were filled with chirpy birds, so I shut off the music and enjoyed their high-pitched banter.

Day 2 – “skyline

Deciding that I was stronger than my fear of heights, I climbed the ladder to snap the view of the storm clouds that had rolled themselves into Orange County, CA overnight…then, when it was time to climb down, I had my panic attack. ;o)

Day 3 – “something you wore today

Bina Fact:
There is something about my toenails being painted blue that makes me feel happier inside. Add glitter to the color and BAM…I’m a supermodel!

Day 4 – “fun

I take the kids to school every morning…the older girls to High School, the youngest to Elementary and then our son to Jr High. But, since his school starts half an hour later than the other schools, I get one-on-one time with him every morning…and I love that! (PS – I told him what the picture was for and I had the chioce of “angry” or arms over his head “scared”…*sigh*…teenaged boys.)

Day 5 – “bird!”

We have two large trees in our backyard and we share a fence line with the city’s garden nursery…so as spring rolled in, so did the bird population. We have a gazillion winged friends who are laying their eggs in our trees…and I love to sit out on the swing and watch them fly in and out. Many land on the fence and watch me as closely as I watch them…I like to think they love me as much as I do them.

Day 6 – “you

I love to go out in the morning, after I have taken the kids to school, and pray while the sun wakes up the birds and flowers around me.

Day 7 – “someone that inspires you

It sounds “cliche”, but the bottom line is that our kids inspire me as they navigate their world with bravery and a hungry desire to succeed…and they daily make me want to be a better mother.

Can’t wait to see what the next week holds in photos!!

Looking up, as always…



4 thoughts on “a month by photo {week 1}”

  1. Not many people would be so open with their inner-most thoughts. Your passion for your children, your husband and your God is heart warming.

  2. How did I miss this post? It wasn’t until I comment on your last post that I thought I’d better find this one. His Word always brings me peace. I love painting my toes blue! The picture of your son is too funny! Have a blessed day!

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