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Loving As God Loves {L23}

Day 23

Today I am going to cheat on my post…kind of.

I am still mulling over things that I shared yesterday…and after a great meeting tonight with the group of ladies that plan our church’s yearly women’s retreat, another point came to mind: when others know we are a Christian, we are witnessing about Himeven if we don’t want to.

When we cut someone off on the freeway and let them get close enough to read all the words on our “I’m not perfect, just forgiven” bumpersticker…we just witnessed.  When our prayer over dinner holds up the waitress who is ready to serve us our waters and she overhears us later as we gossip or cut her to shreds because our lettuce isn’t crisp enough…we just witnessed.  We are witnesses…and we have to be mindful of the picture we are giving of the God we say we serve.

As we shared about this idea, I found myself getting worked up over the messages we send…and the messages that are sent for Christians in general by those who make the biggest waves by misusing the Bible to launch their attacks.  I got fired up and shared from my heart…and one the gals said “Hey! I wrote a devotional about that!!” and once I read it, I realized that she said all I am feeling tonight…and so I am going to let her say it.

My friend’s name is Bev and she writes a weekly devotional that is posted to our church’s website and if you click here, a new window will open with her article called “Loving As God Loves“…and then, if you are willing, I would love to hear your thoughts…even if you think I cheated!! 🙂

Looking up, as always…




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