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arms lifted high {L22}

Day 22

This weekend, while at church for our missions conference, I heard something I have heard at least a million times in my 30+ years of church attendance.  It was nothing I didn’t know…and yet, for some reason, when I heard it this time, I felt like I was slapped.  My insides have been churning over it for three days: my mind constantly coming back to it, like a math problem to be solved… my heart perplexed as to how to unravel the depth of it… my stomach filling with the feeling of conflict each every time it goes thru my mind.

What in the world did you hear??…is the question I know is burning in your mind right now and I am so glad you asked.  Here it is…brace yourself: As a born-again believer I am called to declare the glory of God in my life.

I know. Shocking, right?

But…it is.

We had a guest pastor and he pointed to an analogy that is really at the root of my issue:

The glory of God is like a flag…the flag of the colors of His army. 

I have been chosen as the person to stand out front, His colors unfurled against the wind, for all to see as He calls His group into action and moves forward into battle.  The sound of boots strong against the hard ground as the explosions of mortars scream out all around…and I am the one who is to lead us forward, my hands griping the wooden pole that lifts up the sign of His coming…the signal of His power…the definition of who He is and what He stands for.

As the army is called into battle, His voice sure and strong, we look upon Him and are filled with passion and desire to go as He leads.  We look into His eyes…we take in the sight of our Leader atop a magnificent horse, high and lifted up…we catch His fervor and scream out a battle cry and He readies us to go forward.

But as I turn, my eyes unshielded against the scene ahead, I am faced with a choice: do I lift high that flag, full of the assurance of the surge of adrenaline I felt when He spoke…do I stumble a bit and carry the colors a little lower, my arms pulled tight around me in an effort to shield what I can see is coming at me…or do I drop it to the ground, turn around and run to hide behind the group??

It is so easy to compromise.

It is so much easier to say I am a Christian and then hide behind my huge Bible and fish bumper stickers.

It makes me much more comfortable to not take a stand on issues that fuel my blood with His passion… to not defend someone that needs it because I know people would think I am weird… to sit behind a blog screen and act like I have it all together for Him when I am actually so far away from Him that I can’t even remember what His voice sounds like.

But, since I answered His call in my life…I am the one He chose to stand in front of the world with His colors slapping in the wind…and I am called to hold His glory high for all to see.  I am called to live a life that is not perfect, but consistent.  I am called to trust His orders even when I am afraid: to march when I’d rather run…to speak when I’d rather be silent…to love when there doesn’t seem to be anything worthy of it.

My brain hurts even writing this out…because even while I know He doesn’t expect me to get it “right”, He still chose me to stand and, when necessary, pick the flag back up and start again.  He chose me…and this morning, among a myriad of other emotions, I am so honored because I know…I don’t deserve it…

…at all…

…but I have a choice to make every single day: to stand, my arms lifted high, His glory my biggest priority.


How does this Truth make you feel??

Looking up, as always…



3 thoughts on “arms lifted high {L22}”

  1. I just love when a seemingly “duh” thing, comes out and slaps you! I have that a lot with my current Bible study. I think it reiterates why we are never to quit studying the Word- God can show us new things each and every time we read it! So awesome!
    And the standing up for our beliefs… huge topic at our Coffee Break lesson this morning. Facing our Goliaths and realizing they are just uncircumcised Philistines defying God. It is His battle, and we are to go forward without fear. We have the LORD ALMIGHTY on our side!! Who can stand against us?!

    1. Amen…and yet so hard to do…and I shake in my boots every time He says “ok, girlie, hold it up and lead out”.
      I know I have His defense with me…and yet, I stumble, stutter and question what I know is, as you said, simply an uncircumcised issue that God has already laid claim against.
      Thank you for your amazing words this morning, my friend!

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