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blessings {L9}

Day 9

 Better is a neighbor who is near than a brother who is far away.

Proverbs 26:10b

I grew up as military brat to a father who served much of his time at a base in Germany.

I wasn’t ever really near my blood family for most all of my childhood and so, I learned to reach out to those around me and let them fill the spaces where grandparents, aunts & uncles, and cousins should have.  I learned to look for family wherever I was, which is something I carried over into my adult life…and today I was reminded of this simple fact: When it comes to friends, I feel so very blessed with the ones in my life.

I have internet/bloggie friends that I have made over the course of High School (oh so long ago) and my two years blogging online …and you have motivated, encouraged and touched me in ways you may never know.  I look forward to the smiles you bring me, both here in the comments and on FB as you reply or post on my wall.  While many of you are people I may never see face-to-face, my heart knows you well…and I count you among those I love ever so much.

I have church friends…the ones I see each week as I walk onto campus.  We have little jokes, unique waves and worship connections that make me feel at home when I show up for Sunday School and services.  We don’t know every detail about each other’s lives and yet…we know enough to know that if we needed something, we could pick up the phone and know the other would be there to listen and help if we could.  You make me want to show up on the Sundays when I would rather stay home…and I thank God for your simple presence week in and week out.

And then I have the friends who have seen me at my worst…walked me thru the tears, the breakdowns and the heartaches.  They have rejoiced with me at my excitements and know the insanity that makes up “me”.  They are the ones I will admit defeat, failure and fear to…and the first ones I call when I overcome the obstacles placed before me.  But beyond all that…they share with me their own lives…and for that alone, I feel so special.  You are the ones I know I will know and love for all my life…and I praise the Lord for your persistance to love me despite all that I am.

 Today, for a few different reasons, I thank God for His blessing of all of you…and I feel this saying from the movie “It’s A Wonderful Life” oh so well:

“… remember no man is a failure who has friends.”

Looking up, as always…



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