Lent, Nature...Being Outside, photos

the view of the roses {L8}

Day 8

Sometimes it is best to view the world thru a different viewpoint…

…because…sometimes…the viewpoint that I find within myself is too clouded… too muted… too pale in comparison to the reality blooming around me.


Today, while not a bad day by any means, was a day of muted tones…when I let situations rule over the Truth that longs to capture my attention with its sweet fragrances and alluring vibrance.

Today ends with me knowing that I didn’t really take that time to reach out to God…and chose, rather, to reach into myself.  I am a bit frustrated with me…and yet, the great thing about the Lord, I am reminded that tomorrow resets the mercy meter…and gives me a chance to make a fresh start in me…with Him…for the purpose of a relationship untouchable by the blah’s.

(A Moment for Transparency: see, I didn’t want to admit that I had “failed” today…at all…so I had used these pictures to tell a different, more innocent sounding tale and I clicked “publish” even while knowing that I wasn’t telling the full truth.  After it published, I clicked over the view the post on my blog…only to find it was totally blank other than the “Day 8” at the top.  I kid you not…God pays attention to what we say!! I am thankful, tho, that He even cares about who I am on an internet page where I could tell you anything and have you believe it…and that He stays true enough to His own character to not let me misrepresent it!)

Looking up, as always…



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