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…and He walks with me…

One of the dangers of “walking with God” is that we can often forget just who it is that we are walking with.

Like any friendship, we become complacent about the amazing qualities that, in the beginning, drew us to want to know the other person.  We lose sight of the fact that nothing is guaranteed and we take for granted that they are “just” them…and we stop being grateful for the little things that make up the amazing person we cared enough about to love.

My relationship with God is one that I am incredibly thankful for as it is very…comfortable.

He is the warm fire that kills the chill from my weary bones…or the comfy, well-worn sneakers that always make me feel like I am home, even when worn hundreds of miles away from it.  He is my favorite story… my best known memory… my friend, comforter and lover.  He is the one that I can call when I don’t have the emotional energy to explain myself… and the one confidant that isn’t afraid to tell me that I am dead wrong.

He is my everything…and yet, somehow, I forget.

I lose sight of His strength as I battle my inability to understand “why”.  I overlook His reality when I get lost in the “must have’s” that flash and signal and scream out to me.  I give up on His comfort because chocolate covered ANYthing is better than having to feel what I would rather ignore.  I run away from His black-and-white truth when I long to live in the shades of grey that make me feel justified in doing what it is that I want to do.

I forget…until He reminds me.

This morning, I made the time to meet with the friend I take the most liberties with…and in one simple verse, He blew me away as the Word reminded me that while I often don’t love Him enough, He couldn’t ever love me more.  And that thought sent me into a 15 minute crying-talking-snot running conversation that made me so very thankful for a Holy Spirit who can interpret what I can’t properly express…mainly cuz I am an emotional girl!! 🙂

My “wake-up” verse this morning came in the simple reminder of just who my Redeemer is:

This morning I am joining a sweet Iowa friend (and the others at her blog) as she focuses on the God-things that make you go “Hmmm…”…and for me, the reminder that the One I walk with is the same One who bares the radiance of God’s glory and the exact imprint of His nature is enough to make me not only say “Hmmm…” but also smile as I realize that He has chosen ME to walk with.

Looking up, as always…



2 thoughts on “…and He walks with me…”

  1. This post is just so rich to me.

    The shoes (which I saw).
    Your voice (Which I’ve now heard.)
    This truth-filled message (Which I’ve come to expect from you.)
    And this very sweet video that made me cry.

    How I love you friend. Love, love, love (((YOU))).

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