the {good} and the {bad}

I have good news and I have bad news…

The bad news:  I am down with a pretty ugly asthma attack that started on Monday.  I went to the doctor yesterday, am on five meds plus a new inhaler, and am taking it easy…mainly because it is hard not to lay around when even trying to talk makes it impossible to catch a breath.  Blah…BUT…

The good news: I noticed today that my FB page got its 70th like!!!  I know that isn’t all that high compared to a lot of blogs out there…but for me, each and every one of those people who cliked “like” are reminders of God’s faithfulness in my life.

And so, in celebration of His amazing gifts, I am giving away two books to two people…and all you have to do is comment, telling me what book is your favorite and why??  But not here…do it on FB by clicking here.  You can comment on the pic of the books or the status about this giveaway.

Why do I want to know what books you love??  Because I have joined up with “Read More Books” over at a great blog called Jumping Tandem…and since the goal there is to read 25 more books than I did last year, that means I need 64 titles for 2012!!! SIXTY-FOUR!!!  I know…riiiiight?!?!?  So…you help me, I help you!

What books are up for grabs??

Both are Angela Hunt novels…the first is “Brothers” (a fictional re-telling of the Biblical Joseph and his brothers who sold him into slavery) and the second is “The Face” (a thriller about a disfigured woman who has been hidden away by the CIA and now must face down the world to right some wrongs).


Can’t wait to hear from y’all as I breathe…*in*…*out*…*cough*…blah.

Looking up, as always…



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