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my baby-steps of grown-up faith

I love to read.

I don’t think that is a major secret…

…and yet, while I often have my nose buried between pages, I find that more often than not…it isn’t buried between those pages. 

The pages that are full of wisdom and truth…the pages that play out major battles, passionate romance and real hearts just trying to live out their faith…pages that were written so that I would know love.

It isn’t like the entire book is that long.  1400 pages…and for an avid reader like me, that is simply three really good novels read back-to-back.

It isn’t like the language is that hard to understand.   The NLT is one of the easiest translations when it comes to the flow of the wording.

It isn’t like I don’t have a vested interest in what the book says…because as one who calls herself “Christian”, I am linked to it thru His blood.

So why is that I have always choosen another book over this one when given the option?  Hmmm…it is the question that plagues most Jesus followers, I am sure.

About a month ago, a sweet blogger buddy of mine posted about how she had come full circle in her Daily Bible.  And as I read about her excitement when she realized she had been reading daily for a full year…something inside me moved.  I was beyond happy for her as that is a worthy accomplishment…and I was challenged to remember my first love and act on it.

Immediately, I clicked over to Amazon to purchase myself a daily Bible (cuz to use a regular Bible is just silly, right??)…but I praise God for His whispers that enter in and capture my mind: “Spending money isn’t the best way for you to worship…remember what you already have on your shelf.  The book that has been sitting, collecting dust…go over and blow the dust off and start again.”   And so I did…and as I pulled the Daily Bible off my shelf and gagged on the dust, I smiled…remembering the dear friend who bought it for me four years ago at a retreat we went to together. 

Now…while having a Bible that is specifically broken down into daily pieces isn’t “necessary”, I enjoy it because it makes it easier to know what to read and I get a lot out of the information listed before each reading (background info, tidbits about culture, cross-references, etc).  And I am the kind of girl who loves to start out with a sparkly new version of everything…and but God knows best ~ that I am better off starting out where I left off years earlier…when I stood that book up between two others and forgot it was there.

It has been almost a month now that I show up, armed with a pen and highlighter.  I now look forward to each day’s meeting and as I sit, taking the Word in little by little, I have found a simple joy in knowing that I am not only reading…but I am absorbing the depth and passion of each word and situation. 

I get to hear the depth in Jesus’s voice as He pleads with his disciples to just hear Him as He re-tells the same story over and over in an effort o open the eyes of their hearts.

I get to join in on the child-like happiness of Peter as he leaps from the boat to run to the Savior who calls from the shore…and the depth of his defeat when the rooster crows and his eyes meet Jesus’s in the crowd.

I can weep for the humanity of the men who love their Lord and yet are too blinded by “life” to really understand how much they are known and loved…and sit in wonder at the love of a God who continues to work to save them.

I feel connected to the Savior…His Father…and their love for me in a way that means more, to me, than just saying “Yeah, I believe.”

It is just a little thing to do each day…and yet, it is baby-steps that guide us forward on a grown-up journey of faith.

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Looking up, as always…



3 thoughts on “my baby-steps of grown-up faith”

  1. I had to click when I saw the Daily Bible picture. Before I even clicked, though, I knew my computer would take me to your place. And do you know, I smiled the whole time I read your words.

    You go, girl!

  2. I love using a daily Bible. I love seeing the continuity of scripture, viewing each story in its context. Yay for baby steps, I say. They’re better than sitting still!

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