Me, Poetry, Prayer

surrender falls bittersweet the fog...

with eyes dimmed, closed

i stare…

so desperate to be clear

desperate to finally see

with a heart trampled, bleeding

i plead…

aching to just feel seen

just to feel at all

as a fallen vessel, poured out


wanting only to let go of me

only to take hold of You.

as a girl who believes, seeks

i bow…

laying before the Throne

i simply come…and wait


A Sunday evening service…and a few days to chew on it all.

A discussion on whether God is unfair for daring to be sovereign.

A look at my own desire to dictate to Him what is and is not fair based on my own skewed viewpoint…

…a viewpoint that sees only my own comfort

…a viewpoint that can’t see past the here and now where my pain stands against me

…a viewpoint that negates the wonder of grace in the mix of complexity battling

…a viewpoint that I realize isn’t His.

Surrender falls bittersweet on a heart broken for Him.

Looking up, as always…



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