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Unicorns & Laughter


Something I never thought would be so important as a mother…and yet, it is the oil in our wheels and the joy that fills the air like moisture rich oxygen in a house bursting with people.  Four teenagers and a girlie in the double-digits keeps us on our toes…and our knees!

A sneak peek into our world:

I am sitting in the car with three of the kids, waiting for the bell that signals their ok to go on campus.

Daughter 1: “Mom, do these shoes look like boy shoes?”

Me: “No. They are unisex shoes.”

Daughter 1: “MOOOOM!”

Me: “What?!?!”

Daughter 1: “What does unicorn sex have to do with my shoes??”

I am shocked and laughing so hard I can’t answer, so

Daughter 2: “No, you dork! ‘Unisex’ means it can be for a guy OR a girl.

You know, like some names are unisex cuz it can be a him or a her name.”

Daughter 1: “Oooooh! Like Pete!”



I know. Welcome to my world.

They are the people who humble me…

teach me…

love me…

and fill my heart with more Godly pride than they will ever know;

…and yet…

I can only hope that somehow…

they know.

16 isn't too old to curl up with Mom
Total Gleek
"I do NOT take self pics!!!"
Cuz we NEVER get to snuggle!
"Yup. I'm that awesome."

I know that they are just five kids in a world filled with millions…but to me, they are the world.

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Looking up, as always…



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