s. e. r. i. o. u. s. l. y. ..??

It is the age old question…the mystery that has left so many standing, staring in angered awe…shaking their heads…and, yes, even one that has brought forth a scream or two.

I am sure that I will not be the last to be stumped by the question “why??”…and so I have created a step-by-step guide for those who just don’t seem to get it…for those that cause the issue to happen…for those who should be drawn and quartered when it is discovered.

Step 1:
...used the last of the roll, like so??
Step 2: the cabinet *next to* the toilet, like so...
Step 3:
...slide the holder into the center of the new roll, like so...
Step 4:
...replace and leave bathroom ready for the next user, like so!!


Any questions??

(**on a side note, I don’t really condone cruel and unusual punishment to people who do this (well, mostly I don’t…but mainly only when in public…and, well, just don’t ask my kids, k??)

Looking up, as always…



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