letting go of lethargic

Lethargic ::

the quality or state of being lazy, sluggish, or indifferent

I was lamenting to God about feeling so off inside…

so blah…

all the time. 

Of course, my Bible had dust an inch thick on it… my journal pages laid bare beside it… and I was just a pile of mush on the couch, remote in hand… reality TV glittering before my eyes.  But I was complaining to God about the way I felt… cuz, like, He can do anything so He can just blast me full of energy and life again…right?


the state of being the case; see also Fact

The answer I wanted didn’t match the one I got that day (rarely ever does, but…), but I was so smitten with the fact that He answered me in a verbal fashion that I didn’t take time to pout about what He said:

Stand up, pick up your matand walk.


Are we to rely on His strength??  Absolutely…

…but sometimes, His biggest strength is that He can tell us to get up and get moving. 

Sometimes He does need to step in a free us…

…but sometimes, we must be willing to realize that our biggest problem is our own lack of willingness to be free.

And, today…I can say that isn’t the case with me…anymore.

*on a side, totally “look at me!!!” note…got my 1.1 mile walk down from 28 minutes to 21…and that is IN the nearly 100 degree heat of SouCalifornia…yay!!!**

Looking up, as always…



4 thoughts on “letting go of lethargic”

  1. You spoke directly to me! It is so true we complain to God for not giving us that closeness when He’s the one waiting for us to seek Him. Great insight my friend!

  2. I love this! Jesus wants to set us free, but sometimes the biggest barrier is us – we have to want to be set free. I love the answer Jesus gave you, Pick up your mat and walk. So very good! Many blessings 🙂

  3. Yay, Bina! Oh so often I rely only on my feelings and not the truth of who He is and who He created me to be. Praise God for Him speaking to you (and you heard Him again!).

    BTW, I didn’t think SouthCal got that hot??

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