a Twillypop kind of day

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It is a name…

it is a line…

and it is the link to a pretty amazing gal.

I first met Sara waaaay back when someone posted about a giveaway for one of her hand-made necklaces…and, for me, it was love at first post.  She is a New York ray of sunshine… gracious, friendly, and open… who has never failed to bring a smile to my face with the simplist of contact. 

But…she is also the owner of a little etsy shop where she sells her amazingly distinct pieces of jewelry.  And since my link-up dealio isn’t working…urgh!!!…so here is the link to her shop:

The best part of my bloggie-ship with this amazing gal is that she has offered to give away one of her necklaces here…on my blog…riiiight?!?!  Here is the Avery Bauble Necklace she has graciously offered up to one lucky reader:

To be entered to win, leave me one comment, with a valid email address, to say you:

Follow … Bina’s Pad FaceBook page (link on right sidebarmandatory for entry)
and then
Visit … Twillypop’s etsy shop and tell me which item you’d most like for yourself ( …mandatory for entry)

Want extra entries??

Leave me a seperate comment for each of the following:

Follow … Bina’sPad on Twitter (link on right sidebar)

FollowTwillypop’s FaceBook page (

FollowFollow Twillypop’s blog (

Post … on your own Facebook/Twitter account about this giveaway, using the link at the bottom of the page (be sure to add @binasad if on Twitter).

Giveaway is open until Friday, September 16th . This post will be updated with the winner’s name around noon on that day and the winner will be chosen by 

Wishing y’all the best of luck!!

Looking up, as always…



29 thoughts on “a Twillypop kind of day”

    1. Emmie Ribbon Bracelet………….I wasn’t sure if I leave what I liked the best on here or not, so here it is!! It was my fave!! 🙂

  1. I am not entering as I just won, but will chime in to say as a very loyal Twillypop customer how fabulous ALL of her pieces are! I have more than I can count and love them all- also make great gifts! And that Sara- she’s pretty great herself!!

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