the problem at hand


a single, four-lettered word that can dominate like a raging inferno once it is implanted within a heart and mind…

eating from within, destroying even the smallest semblance of safety inside a self-sheltered soul that longs to be known in the midst of being hidden away…

condemning to bondage a person who longs to be freed but can’t seem to see past the fog of the barrage of thoughts pounding from the deep well that is a human heart…

a heart like mine.

I am afraid of so much that I find that I often tire myself out just trying to feel unafraid.

A rat-race, planned and laid out by an enemy who would rather I waste my time trying to free myself from the course than stopping to realize the simple truth:

Worry is pointless because I can’t acutally change the things I obsess over…it just tends to validate the lie that says I, in my own power, can force resolution.

Running on the squeeky hamster wheel set up for me by the fear doesn’t solve anything…it just convinces me of the need to keep trying to outrun it. 

Taking my focus off of God to focus on the problem at hand is the problem at hand…it forces me to lose sigh of my only true chance of freedom, peace and strength.


a single, four-lettered word that can overcome a world of hurt… a heart of burden… a mind of chaos… a life of fear.

finally…be strong in the Lord and in the strength of His might.”

Ephesians 6:10

Looking up, as always…



8 thoughts on “the problem at hand”

  1. Yes, so, I wish I had read your post when I first linked it up. I think it might have changed the way I ran my day — looking at news report and such. I’m grateful for your words today, Bina.

    1. Awe, Jen… I can’t say how much I heart you so that means a lot! I am glad He could use it for you…and that you took the time to let me know!!

      Am still praying for all y’all as you weather out what is left of this “storm” in Texas!! ❤

    1. And there is the question that we all ponder… 🙂 Free, indeed, is the better choice…if only our human hearts would hold onto such a heavenly concept!! 🙂
      Thanks for popping over!!

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