Go Ahead…Call Me Crazy

They came from Texas to spend a week in our house.

They didn’t really know us.

They didn’t have their mom or dad with them.

They had no idea what they were walking into when they stepped off the plane and into my arms…and neither did I.

What makes this visit “odd”?

Short version: these sweet little cherubs are the half-sisters to three of our children.

Five kiddos…same father…different mothers.

And while I won’t go into the details of all that happened to create this situation, the bottom line is this:  I should never have had a chance to love on these kids. By the world’s standards, it is “weird” that thier mom and I have become friends…it is “odd” and “crazy” that she would stick them on a plane to me…and it is “insane” and “too far out” to imagine me saying yes to having them come…and to find myself falling in love with them.

And yet…all of that is what happened.

 The “crazy” became reality…a reality that didn’t fully hit me until after they left.

I sat in my car after putting them on the plane to go back home, I found myself broken…sobbing and embracing the reality that I serve a “crazy” Lord, whose ways are not my ways…whose thoughts are above my thoughts…who knew all those years ago that one day, He would take what was broken, bad, and hurtful in our lives to create a beautiful outcome that allows all these kids a chance to know…to love…and to be loved…even when the world would call us crazy for it.

Well, go ahead…call me crazy…cuz after the week of them, I am even more out of my mind for One such as He is!

Looking up, as always…



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