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***Giveaway Closed***

Congrats to Alicia!!! chose #5 and your comment was the 5th one, so you are the winner of the bracelet…and for everyone else who entered, don’t be sad.  Monday a brand-spanking new piece goes up from the amazing Twillypop!!! 🙂

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There is something to be said about the way that God puts people together…

When I met my soon-to-be husband 10 years ago, I started attending the church where he was already a member … and in the time since I walked thru those doors, I have met some amazing women who have become the constants in my life.  People who I know I can count on for a friendly hello, a good laugh, and the simple joy of knowing I am known fully by them … so I can just be me.

One of those people is a great lady named Karen. 

You don’t know her … but I hope you will take the time to and not just because of this great giveaway.  She is a wonderful gal, a loving wife and mother, a follower of God, an insanely talented person who uses her gifts to create amazingness like these:


As if that weren’t all enough ~ not only is she an amazing friend and creator of beauty (which she sells in her etsy shop) … she is sweet enough to offer up one of her pieces here to a lucky commenter!!  The item up for grabs??

The Scrabble Tile Charms with Czech Glass Bracelet has the popular scrabble tile charm design and is taken to the next level to create a one-of-a-kind bracelet. Turquoise and green floral designs have been applied to four scrabble tiles and covered with epoxy to protect them. Silver jewelry screw eyes have been attached into two sides of each tile. The charms are connected with clear Iridescent 6mm by 8mm Czech glass beads, 4mm turquoise green Czech glass beads and silver beads. The bracelet closes with a toggle clasp.

What you gotta do to have a chance to own this beauty?? It’s simple:

Leave me one comment, with a valid email address, to say you:
Follow … Bina’s Pad FaceBook page (mandatory for entry)
and then
Visit … Karen’s etsy shop and tell me which item you’d most like for yourself (mandatory for entry)

Want extra entries??

Leave me a seperate comment for each of the following:
FollowKaren Waterbury Designs FaceBook page
FollowKaren Waterbury Designs blog
Post … on your own Facebook/Twitter account about this giveaway, using this link: 

Giveaway is open until Friday, August 12th.  This post will be updated with the winner’s name around noon and the winner will be chosen by

Wishing y’all the best of luck and an amazing weekend!!

Looking up, as always,


17 thoughts on “a friendly giveaway”

  1. Hi there,

    ok, I follow you, OF COURSE, and I visited Karen’s site, BEAUTIFUL!!! LOVE the Black Stone, pink Swarovski Bracelet. Black IS my favorite color, in case you didn’t know. 😉

  2. In the brief time I had to meet Karen, I can see why you like her! 😉
    I love all of her pieces! Beautiful work, Karen! I do love the scrabble pieces- this one and the one with brown tiles and flowers. Also the glass and silver bracelet. Super talented, that one! And you are awesome for hosting this giveaway my friend! (these pieces would really jazz up that t-shirt by the way…)

  3. I’m always touched by your blog, thanks for the opportunity for the free giveaway. I visited Karen’s shop and wow, it’s really difficult to say which one I like best. I narrowed it down to two: the Aqua seed beads w/ one of a kind pendent necklace or the necklace w/ 1 of a kind pendent w/ swarvoski crystals, silver fireflies, and glass beads are fantastic. Really I loved them all!

  4. I’ve known Karen since she was born and she is indeed a wonderful woman! She was a bridesmaid in my wedding and if we lived closer I think we’d actually be sisters!! I do follow her blog, and I do viswit her Etsy shop often and just recently bought a bracelet from her which I love. I’m just here to say “You ROCK Karen and I love you!”

  5. There may be demand for a recount! 🙂 Honestly. Wow. That’s all I have. It is good to know that my Heavenly Father recognizes my need for retail therapy and something new and fresh as a coping mechanism. Thanks for the awesome giveaway Bina and Karen! (I should really go buy a lottery ticket this week!)

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