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…what a week it has been at my house!

Internet went out (…and in a house with teenaged girls who are FB addicted, that is nothing less than a death sentence…), but luckily it was simply the plug adapter and not the modem! Put off what I had planned for the blog this past week until this week…but I sense reasoning behind the madness.

One child returned from “camp” (…if a resort in Sedona, Arizona can be called “camp”which I totally think it can!!!)…and the next day, we drove up to drop another off at her mountain retreat.

Good food, best buds and a daughter (right) headed up the mountain.
Living on the edge, our daughter (right) hangs with friends in Sedona, Arizona.

We bought our youngest her first “my very own” pets…four fish in a 5-gallon tank.
We flushed two of them within in 48 hours.
Yeah, see…I knew that she would have to experience death in the journey of “my very own” pets…but that seems a bit…soon…??? Hmmmm….

The dog got fleas (…despite the Advantage applied just a week earlier…) and tried to eat himself due to the intense desire to scratch what itched. Two flea-shampoo baths later, all his limbs are still intact…crisis averted.

I got confirmation on an amazing little piece of wonderfulness that will be given away on the Pad this Friday. Won’t say too much to ruin the surprise…but it looks a little liiiiike this:

There is also a book still up for grabs … click here to find out what that’s all about.

Mix all that in with a healthy dose of me still trying to find my way up and out … and you will find me, reconnecting … in more ways that I can keep up with!!

Soooo….what have you been up to this week??? 🙂

Looking up, as always,



3 thoughts on “re…connected”

  1. Sedona and mountain retreats! Sounds fantastic.

    We once had an aquarium with four or five fish. We went on vacation and left the fish with one of those self-feeder things that looks like a seashell on the bottom of the tank. When we returned from our vacation, there were no fish in the tank. No self-feeder thing on the bottom of the tank. No lone, fat fish swimming around looking guilty. It remains a mystery…

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