A Moment of Real

Yesterday, as I did my daily Bible study, I came to a section that challenged me in a way I didn’t expect.

I was asked to take the four provided verses and write them into my own terms so that the Truth would be more solidly burned into my heart and mind.  No biggie, normally…but since I haven’t been exactly solid on my one-on-one time with God, this proved to be a great challenge to me.  It is hard to write out God’s Word in a personal way when I know that I haven’t done what the verses are pledging to…when I know that I haven’t been the friend to Him that is reflected in the praises written before me…when I know I have failed.

But, I knew that this is what I was here for…so I read the words I needed to personalize and started writing.  And as I began to shape Jeremiah 15:16, Job 23:12, Psalm 119:16, and Jeremiah 6:10 into my own words, I found such freedom re-born within…by partaking in Truth and accepting the reality that comes in my choice to participate in my relationship with my Father…or the pain that comes in NOT particpate…I re-discovered the girl in me who belongs to Him, even tho I haven’t shown it much lately.

When the words of the Lord were given to me, I devoured them and they became the joy of my heart because I realized that I was given a new name…I was given Your name.  Since that day, I have fought to keep myself from straying from the words of Your lips…rather I have desired to cherish each and every whisper more that I delight in the food this world offers me.  I find such utter joy in Your laws that I can’t let go of Your word.  But…in those moments when I find myself straying…I sense Your inability to catch my attention because I stop listening for the lovingly sweet warnings.  The distractions of this world close my ears to the sound of Your voice…as Your Word lays untouched…as I forget how to find pleasure in it…as I forget how to breathe You in and settle for the pollution instead.

I can’t lie and say that by participating, it all makes sense or suddenly became easy…but I can say that while I wrote, I remembered the deep love that flows when I am in sync with the Lover of my soul and missed the surging of Him that used to pulse thru my veins.

I won’t lie…I still have a lot of work to do…but suddenly, it all seems worth it again.

What brings you back to the feet of the Master after you have wandered away?

Looking up as always…



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