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Just a Break


I am sure I am not alone in the chaos that comes in finishing up a school year…but with parties, awards, graduations and such, I am just too pooped to pop.

Then add in a European vacay with me and hubby in just two weeks (insert glee-ful scream here, for both God’s provision to allow us to go AND for the fact that we are GOING!!!!), I think it best for me to remove the pressure I feel to try to post during the week when I am much needed elsewhere in my life.

So…enjoy your summer kick-offs and I will be back at the end of June with some giveaways (books…trinkets gathered on vacay…), some new ideas to try out here on da’pad and a TON of pics!!

Sending hugs to y’all…


4 thoughts on “Just a Break”

  1. I know how you feel. We aregetting ready for our trip, trying to get through school, and take care of any loose ends. Time is moving too fast and I hope you enjoy your trip. Take care and have fun. Remember lots of pics!

  2. Bina,
    Love, love, love the new header! The whole feel is great.

    We are at the end of the school year too, and I’m ready for it. . .whew! Have a wonderful break.

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