God, Me, Soli Deo Gloria

…bowed down…


i come to find You…

   …to hear You

   …to meet with You again after an absence full of empty depth.

i can see now, clearly…

   …it was my lack of trust and faith in Your ability to see

   …Your willingness to hear

   …Your faithfulness to defend in me the vulnerability that screams out in pain at the abusive lack of closure within.

Father, i come to find You

   …to find the woman living in this shell

   …the one who exists because of and through You alone

   …and i realize that i miss not only You, but the woman that i hide away.


grace…undeservedly mine


   …the laughter

   …the tears

   …the conversation that makes us more than casual acquaintances

   …and it is my side that fails to keep up.

Draw me close again, i pray…

   …for without You, i am not truly me.

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Looking up, as always…



7 thoughts on “…bowed down…”

  1. thank you for expressing the words that are at the tip of my tongue and on my heart these days that I so relate to you with. may each word and thought draw you closer to Him in this next week. love you, my friend.

  2. Your words are beautifully authentic. I can relate. Haven’t we all been there? When we are the ones who have withdrawn from Him for lack of trust. Yet, He pursues and is so good to always welcome us home when we turn back. And as you state in your last line, we feel at home *in who we are* in Him!

    Thank you for sharing your heart. It’s nice to meet you and your blog.

  3. Missing the woman you have hidden away. mmmm…

    It makes me wonder if there are pieces of me that have been dormant because I have not taken the time to nurture them. Pieces He has given me as gifts that I have stifled.

    Beautifully written. You warm my heart.

  4. beautiful, tender and achingly real…it brings to mind these lyrics “draw me close to You, never let me go, I lay it all down again, to hear You say that I’m your friend, You are my desire, bring me back to you.”…”without You, i am not truly me”…such wisdom in this knowing.

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