bina & my furry pal

real-life squirrels scare me due to the fact that i got chased by one as a small child…very tramatic…that pic was therapy.

blue, green and purple are my favorite colors…bet you couldn’t tell that…

the idea for this type of post isn’t original, as i swiped it from carlotta … since they say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, i pray she knows how amazing i think she is…because of this…and, well, because she is.

a ladybug & a boybug

i secretly would love to be a photographer…

I am a Star Wars-aholic…and often use the insults from the movies in my everyday conversations, which is awkwardly irritating when i have to explain them to non-followers.

sometimes i really do know what i am supposed to do, but just decide to not do it.  like…i know that one should probably twist the toothpaste cap back on and not just set it beside the tube in the cabinet…or that one shouldn’t drink from the same milk carton that one just swatted a boy’s mouth off of, say, just a few moments before…or that certain reality tv shows probably aren’t the most intelligent of time fillers…or that admitting such things in a public forum could be a problem later on…ahem

…what??? I followed directions!!!…

i actually have days when i really do think i have it all together.  yes, i know exactly how horrible that sounds when written out, but i can assure anyone reading that i don’t mean it to be as egotistical as it sounds.  i simply have moments…blips of time really…when the banter in my head and world dies down enough that i can clearly sense His presence and leadership in my life and i am assured i am headed in the right direction.

…those moment don’t happen often enough and the time in-between leaves me feeling as though i am not enough or that i have somehow failed in my mission to be the “good christian” that we all believe we are supposed to be from time to time…and then i wonder, although i already know the answer, if i am alone in this depression that comes from Godly-sense-deprivation due to chaos unleashed.

i adore ladybugs…so much so that finding one crawling thru the grass will cause me to try to capture it so that i can speak to it as it moves across my skin…and i really do call them mister bugs more often than not.  it is mainly because i watched disney’s bugs life movie and really felt for the guy-called-a-lady just because his “type” was classified with a female name…a slight injustice that i wonder if the name creator ever stopped to consider.

misterbug luv

i am a little too preoccupied, most days, on what other people think about me.  sounds normal (i’ve been told) but it is somewhat irritating as it leaves me on-edge and preoccupied…about myself…and yeah.  i don’t like it.

i had a love-hate relationship with Lent this year.  i struggled with the daily posting…sometimes not able to articulate any of what i was truly feeling or sensing.  it was been such a deep and constant churning within me to keep this up day after day…and yet, even on the days when i sat down with no clue as to what to say, i got up so amazed by the holy spirit’s ability to take the “duh” in me and turn it into “ta-duh” from Him.

i hate a certain store (which shall remain nameless, but uses the colors blue and white in its logo) but when i discovered that they alone sell my most favorite banana popsicles…i have visited not once, not twice, but three times in order to stock up our freezer.  it will kill me when it gets out to certain people with whom i most often battle the blue&white verses red&white fight.

got any confessions of your own???

Looking up as always…


5 thoughts on “>…confession…”

  1. >WHY are you purchasing popscicles???? I don't care if they are from the Wally world or the Bullseye, the point is that is a SNACK!!!! Other than that, I love your confessions… cause they make me love ya all the more… and now I want that towel. 😉

  2. >Deidra… thanks! After I posted it, I had blogger's remorse…haha. I appreciate your kind words…always!Alicia… you know… you confide convictions with a girlfriend and BAM! 🙂 Love you for loving me…and now that we have worked this out via text, I may just get you that towel, but only if it goes on your blog!!

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