>Lent, Days 39 & 40

on a side note, I had one of my worst EVER asthma attacks Thursday night and have been attempting to find my brain enough thru all the meds to post the final edition of the Lent Celebration.  I am sorry it is late going up…but am very happy with the perspective He has given in me in waiting for it

I have a massive problem in letting things go “unresolved” when it means something to me.  Could be a relationship that had a falling out…maybe it is wanting to reach out when God says “not now”…sometimes it is that I am being treated unfairly but nothing I do will make it better so I just have to do…nothing.  Lent, for me, this season was ALL about letting go of the unresolved and getting the honor of seeing His amazing hand solve what I haven’t been able to.

Easter weekend was a time of reflection, celebration and realization for me that can be summed up by one simple verse: “And behold, Jesus met them and said, “Greetings!”.  and they came up and took hold of His feet and worshiped Him.” (Matthew 28:9)


 From Friday to Sunday…I bowed, I praised, I pondered and I considered all that He accomplished in me. 

And while that was amazing enough, He also allowed me to see the changes in those around me…situations and relationships I had given up control over suddenly became controlled by my Defender and my Rock…and He allowed me to witness and partake in the joy of knowing He had worked…for me.

Lent is now over…and Easter has come and gone…but my heart is changed by the experience and I am so thankful that He allowed me even a simple glimpse of all that He is!

My father’s hands

Thanks to all of you who have taken the time to go along with me on this journey…this celebration of Lent started back here

Comments are now open again so drop me a line if you get a chance!!

Hugs to you all! 

Looking up as always…


3 thoughts on “>…finished…”

  1. >Bina thank you for this journey. I hope you are all better now. Good grief, I just said the same thing as Laura and didn't mean to. Blessings to you**

  2. >Laura… thank you for coming along with me 🙂 Karen… thank you too…and you made me laugh out loud with your "good grief" comment!! Thank you…I needed it!

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