>Lent, Day 31

The time here winds down as the end of forty days comes within sight…and while a large part of me is completely amazed that I could stick with something this long, a bigger part of me is blown away by the fact that He sticks with me
It really hits me now as I sit here, ready to write and a song by Bethany Dillon begins to play on my iPod…not one of her chart-toppers or even one that ever made it as a single on the radio as far as I know…but as it plays thru my headphones, I find myself transported to a park bench on a grassy hill under the cool shade of a towering tree. 
Are You Sure?” seems to be a song she wrote to a person, maybe a love or a possible love…and yet, I hear my own walk with God in the haunting melody and the bitterly-honest lyrics.  She opens up all she fears and hopes as she allows her voice to float along on the tune that plays simply sweet in the background…and as I allow myself to drift along with her, I can see myself on that bench…heart openly longing to be reassured that no matter my faults, love is still there…real…and sure of its place in my life.
I’ve written You a lot of songs
the kind you write on rainy days
unrequited love
But now I’m humming a different tune
just twelve hours ago
I was sitting on a bench with You

And I’ve never heard something that sweet

…but are You sure You want me?

I tried to say, I want this to work
and yet take off the weight
if You change your mind, I won’t hurt forever
Because I don’t know what else to do
but I’d do anything to have three more hours on a bench with You

I’ve never heard something that sweet
…but are You sure You want me?

Cuz everything within me doesn’t want to risk
doesn’t want to risk anymore
but if it means I get to see the light in Your eyes
I’ll risk so much more

And I’ve never heard something that sweet
…but are You sure?
I won’t be full of second guesses
So now I’ll just sit and think about how sweet it is

For more information about this celebration of Lent on the pad
and why there are no comments allowed,
click here to read the first post Lent, Day 0.

Looking up as always…


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