>Lent, Day 26

Sometimes, God moves and I can find the words to explain what happened.  Other times, I am left so moved and changed by the experience that words almost seem to diminish the exchange, somehow tarnishing it thru mere mortal expressions…and that was my day today.

I think that anyone who has been reading my recent posts can tell that I have been struggling internally…and as I took my walk today, I somehow found that I had the courage to finally let go. 

Not an easy feat…but as the cool breeze wiped the tears from my cheeks, I could almost sense His tender, understanding smile thru the warmth of the sun, momentarily popped out from behind the incoming storm clouds.  I lifted my face to soak up the sweet rays and as a soft grin worked its way across my face, I knew the biggest part of this battle was over…and He had won.

Quite honestly, knowing that I didn’t run away from Him this time…
that I didn’t seek out a path of my own making and cheat on my truest Love…
that the floods didn’t sweep me away with their seductive charms…
all of that was so much more of a reward for me than anything else could even touch…
or so I thought.

What happened next is what I can’t begin to explain…and so I won’t try to translate it other than to say that I got a pre-heaven hug that enveloped my heart in a warm embrace this afternoon.  I wish I could say more but you can be sure, I will never be the same again after it…because I now know, with the deepest of  convictions, that the Lord is realinvolved…and willing to bless the one who is willing to just surrender.

This is a song that I have been replaying over and over on my iPod as I have prayed, studied, rested and sought out His help in this process…and so I share it now as a meaningful altar of praise to my Father, Friend and Savior, without Whom I would be nothing.

For more information about this celebration of Lent on the pad
and why there are no comments allowed,
click here to read the first post Lent, Day 0.

Looking up as always…


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