Lent, Day 7
A little over ten years ago, I met a man.

When I met him, I was a mess…in nearly every sense of the word.
I was 24, divorced, and a mom to three very small children. While I did love God and was attending church on a regular basis…I had no idea what it meant to love Him with “all my heart”, nor did I have any concept of real Christianity.

When I met him, I was afraid…but only in the places no one saw.
I hadn’t ever been alone in my life and to think I might be was…terrifying. The part where no one else would be there with me wasn’t what made me shudder.  No…it was knowing that all that I would be left with was me…and that left me cold inside because I didn’t know who I was, but I knew instinctively that she couldn’t be trusted.

When I met him, everything began to change…
and that is when God introduced Himself to my heart…
and the mess began to settle (although the cleaning process hurt deeply)…
and the fears started to melt away (although the heat needed to conquer the cold was highly uncomfortable)…
and the guarded girl that I was became a loving woman (although the destruction of my walls was the hardest thing I’ve ever done).
When I met him…

I met God, again…but for the first time…

and I praise Him for him every single day that He uses him to love me.

For more information about this celebration of Lent on the pad
and why there are no comments allowed,
click here to read the first post Lent, Day 0

Praising Him for 10 years with him,


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