>Lent, Day 4

I am such a little girl at heart.

I whisper the “I wish I may, I wish might” poem towards the first star I see in the sky when I take our dog our for his nightly necessities before bed.
I believe there is indeed a monster that could possibly pop out of the closet if the door isn’t closed securely before we tuck ourselves in.

I talk to myself when I think no one is listening…and sometimes when they are, but I didn’t realize it.

I refuse to look in a mirror when there are no lights on because I watched scary movies waaay too early in life.

And I still make wishes by blowing on pre-dandelions.

The little quirks that make up the person that is me…things that I have been doing for as long as I can remember. 

The little childish traits that have carried over into my adultish life that make me smile when I think of them, as they are just me…and as I have spent time walking and talking with God over the last few days, some of those silly, little girl things have popped up. 

I was literally in the middle of a prayer when the perfect pre-dandelion stood all alone in the middle of freshly cut grass…and before my adultishness could conquer the little girl who loves to skip free, I swooped over and plucked it up…closed my eyes, wished my wish and blew with all my might. 

When I opened my eyes, I realized what I had done…and in the middle of prayer even!! 

I stood there for a moment, feeling like a princess caught sneaking into the throne room to watch her daddy, the King, do His thing…

…but then I raised my eyes towards the heavens, a sheepish grin spreading over my face as I whispered “…but I wished that I wouldn’t forget You over Lent.  That’s ok, right, Father??” 

And as the breeze kicked up to cool the warm sun rays that were tickling my cheeks, I walked on feeling noticed and loved.

My heart seemed to feel His loving pat on my head…

My soul recognized that He shook His head in pure amusement…

My entire being confident that His hearty laugh could shake the heavens as the King took a moment to enjoy His princess daughter…

…who was just being her childish little self in the midst of being His.

And I?

….just the simple daughter of a King.

For more information about this celebration of Lent on the pad
and why there are no comments allowed,
click over to read the first post Lent, Day 0

Looking up as always…


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