>Light-hearted Follow-up

>On Monday I posted about the back and forth of a mind like mine…and today I am gonna follow up on that with a light-hearted post.  I am sure some of you just breathed a sigh of relief since I have been so “heavy” lately…and while I won’t apologize cuz, well, it’s my blog and that is just where I am right now (hee hee), I am glad to see me smile too :0)

These are just some pics that a good friend and one of our kiddos pointed out to me…and I hope they can provide you the smile/chuckle they gave me!!

Remember to aim high

 Don’t forget to rest

Smiling…it is very important

 Stay focused on the task at hand

simply because cleaning footprints off is horribly irritating

’nuff said


this one is now
hanging in my living room

Seen any good pics/signs lately???

Taking some time to laugh while looking up as always…


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