Book Review, Poetry

…in the beginning…

Your devoted touch
whispered over my skin,
each fragment of me
warmed upon Your gaze
by Your remembrance of me
a figure here upon newborn soil

thoughts of tomorrow
foreign and unknown
as each moment “now” thrived
pregnant with charges of love
full with expectation of You
in this world awakened

here i drowned without fear
for You beckoned sweet
i surrendered without thought
as i knew no other way
to love and be loved was “now
perfect and untarnished

…except for then
…except for that
now i bleed within
shriveled from lack of light
broken by a simple moment
i forgot You
selling that touch for a bite
first succulent then bitter
oh my sweet Maker,
to go back i wish
to relive what I killed
my soul screams out
divided and naked i long
and now am never satisfied
in the beginning
there was You
there was me
there was peace
there was us
and now…i die
The Inspiration, Reviewed

This review was originally post in January, but due to the fact that the author will be in my area tomorrow (insert happy screams) I am re-posting it…as a thank you to her and a reminder to me, of the things I learned.

I have actually read this book twice now…and both times felt myself
experiencing an emotional rollercoaster much like the one Eve travels in Tosca
Lee’s fictional rendition of her story. In fact, this reading inspired me to
lay out my own heart in regard to how this beautiful creature must have felt at
one point, banished from Eden.  The words to ”…in the beginning…” flowed out
of a place in me that was as raw for the mother of our race as it was for my
own heart that has often wandered after biting the Hand that feeds my soul.

Opening on the moment breath first enters her lungs, the reader is instantly transported into the perfection that was Eden…and Adam…and an untarnished relationship with the One that is the center of their world. By the time the author brings us to the big moment of Eve’s choice, I felt the beauty of the world that was…and as the scene plays out and the apple is devoured, a small part of me screamed out along with Eve (and all of creation) upon the realization of what her choice would mean.

From the introduction to the final farewell of the mother of all that live, I found my mind captured in a way that made my heart both love and break open for this woman. She is both the reason we are all here and the reason why we all live under the curse of sin…and yet, she must also have been a woman of great emotion and regret as she moved thru her life, day after day, separated from the original perfection that was
once hers.  I am both moved and inspired by Tosca’s ability to weave poetry out of her choice of words and her talent of painting a masterpiece with each and every scene…and I would highly recommend this read for anyone who enjoys Biblical historical fiction.  (If you click on the book’s picture, you will be taken to Tosca’s website, where you can learn more about Havah and her other works.)

Looking up, as always…



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