>…and He speaks…


it is the element that imbeds itself into your heart and mind as a result of relationship with God.

it is the driving force that pulls me up from my pity party and back to His feet, my head bowed and my heart open for direction up and out.

this morning it came as a tidal wave, washing over me with such passionate force that i could barely stand up under it.







it swirled and it flowed on the current of a Hand hidden behind the tapestry of holiness and sovereignty.

it swirled around me, causing a breeze that quickly became an awesome storm ~ a whirlwind of Truth and reminders of where i have been…and who He has always been, each and every step of the way.

i stood, centered in the cyclone of salvation, and the choices rang clear all about me.

jump into the ocean of reality and truth…or turn my back and stay where i’ve been.

…and so, given the option:

i frolick as a child new to these sandy shores…
and i lift my voice in praise to the One who brings in the waves
laughter inducing.
life altering.
fully alive.

Looking up as always…


4 thoughts on “>…and He speaks…”

  1. >Awesome! There is nothing greater than a convicting sermon! Our message tonight also convicting… Christ's salvation has set us free… not to live as prisoners released, but to be transformed and to be truly free. Love you much! Rejoicing in Him!

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