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>…and for these…

>While I firmly believe that thankfulness is simply a state of mind…sometimes being able to keep my mind out of the state of Negativity can be a full time job. 

There are many times in which the things I am thankful for are
and I am so incredibly thankful for those moments and times.

But most of the time, my “thankfuls” are
                                easily missed…
Little things like…

…being willing to allow her to pull and tug on my hair for an hour as she sits behind me, learning how to make a ponytail for the very first time…and praising her 9 year old attempts.

…putting aside the things that keep me saying “not now” in order to sit and read the story that she has been writing…because she poured her heart into it and longs to share it with me.

…setting aside my pride to taking him on…one on one…just me, him and a basketball…knowing full well that the 12 year old is gonna wipe the court with me, but showing up anyway.

…realizing that the show I just muted when she walked in is worth missing out on cuz as she sits down, the light in her eyes says that what is small to me is the whole world to her.

…knowing that when she pulls me from a comfy chair to see the newest creation, it isn’t because she is impatient…it is because it matters to her what I think.

…smiling even before I hit the “on” button on the phone, because inside…I already know his everyday greeting…the one that forces a girlish grin to my face as my heart races to know he’s mine…and I am his.

…be willing to say “show me silly” before I try to get a real pose out of them…and laughing at what turns up:

Sometimes, the things that make me the most aware of my state of mind are the everyday, no-big-deal, run of the mill things…and I am so very thankful for these.

May the Lord be faithful to show you all the treasures in your own life as you stop to give thanks this week.

Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

Looking up as always…


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