>Thought Processes of the Sick Walrus

>Drugs are bad.

Sneezing is evil.

Don’t ask me…this is the kind of thought process I have when I am sick.

Go with me on it.

Beginning with evil:

For those of you who don’t know this little tidbit about me: I hate sneezing.  One sneeze is fine…two, and even three, can be tolerated under proper circumstances…but anything beyond three is just plain ridiculous. 

I have a cold and so I expect a decent amount of sneezing to take place.  I even keep a tissue in my pocket to allow for its occassional expression.  But…well…I don’t sneeze in a dainty way, you see. 
It is loud. 
It is messy. 
And it is just downright annoying.

I am now at the point of crying “mutiny” as my nose doesn’t seem to capture the true essence of my hostility toward this horrific act against my right to not have to look like a loud, barking walrus in public places (driving in the car is included as publicespecially after that guy laughed at me this morningnot cool. Don’t like himAt all.).  Hence my point: sneezing is most assuredly evil.

Now, the bad:

I don’t think anyone in their right mind would argue with me that drugs are, indeed, bad.  The problem comes when we forget that all “drugs” are not pills…or powder…or liquid.  We have a cunning enemy who has the craftiness to transform what should be simple into complicated…what should be entertainment into a fix…what should be a simple run to Target for a pair of socks into a multi-credit card binge on Clearance end-cap items, leaving the spendee filled with guilt and hope that her husband doesn’t see the full statement read-outs when the bills come in. (*ahem*)


What happens when the lines are blurred…

…when we begin to justify what should not ever, ever be happening? 

…when we begin to lose hold of reality, happily jumping into the playground that keep us from prayer time cuz the high of this is just too compelling? 

…when we begin to lose sight of Truth cuz the urge of that is too overwhelming to ignore anymore, leaving us empty of the desire to look upward?

Quite honestly:

What happens isn’t as important as what needs to…

…turn around and reach out,
ask for help from someone you trust.
Reach up,
for the Truth that freed you once
will surely set you free once again.
Here goes nothing, here goes everything.
Gotta reach for something, or you’ll fall for anything.
Take a breath,
take a step,
what comes next?
God only knows…but here goes.”
Bebo Norman, Here Goes

Sneezing AGAIN, while looking up as always…


3 thoughts on “>Thought Processes of the Sick Walrus”

  1. >The Neti Pot scares me! But my 84 year old aunt just tried it and swears by it….HA!OK, so this is the best gem of allReach up,for the Truth that freed you oncewill surely set you free once again.AMEN!*hope you feel better soon.

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