>I’ll Have What She’s Having…

>Sometimes God moves and you miss it.

Then sometimes, God moves and you find yourself flat on your butt in the face of how small you really are.

A year or so ago, I found a random blog and commented…and then that blogger commented over here at my place…and from there came emails, texts, phone calls and internet Bible study.  God has always known my love for this sweet Iowa gal…and my utmost desire to feel her (((hugs))) just once, in real life.

And then…He moved.

Alicia, over at Life’s A Journey, posted her thoughts on the fact that she was about to board a plane that was California bound…and what she couldn’t have known as she clicked “Publish Post” was that my heart was feeling the same anxieties…the same “what if’s”…the same “ohmygoodness’s”.

But it took only a second’s worth of eye contact in the airport to know…when God moves, all we can is sit in awe and wonder at His amazing power to take two hearts from two states and create laughter …sharing …compatibility …and friendship.

Here’s to His gloriousness…and to a great friend, now…in real life.

Alicia and Bina…beachside

Yeah…we are just this awesome in person…
 Listening to the laughter, even now, while looking up as always…

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