>In Those Sometimes Times


my mask is on,
makeup applied and hair perfect.
my smile is warm,
eyes inviting and arms open wide.
I will seem together
…like nothing ever gets me down.
…almost like I think I’m perfect.
                                                                         …but then there’s now…

When the mask just won’t hold,
the makeup smears and my hair rebels.
When my lips will quiver,
my eyes mist over as my arms can hold only me.
When I seem like I’m hurting
…like something got thru the armor.
…like I am just as real and flawed as the next person.
Sometimes I think people forget there’s reality…
…and they judge on what they think they saw in me…
…in those “Sometimes” times.

Looking up as always…


5 thoughts on “>In Those Sometimes Times”

  1. >Oh my goodness, Bina! This is so awesome because it is so true, of women especially and even more specifically of christian women. None of us can be "alright" all of the time, but it doesn't stop us from trying, does it? And it also doesn't stop people from judging, does it? Love you, your honesty and "rawness". From one who falls to pieces in the arms of her Lord so often , I can honestly say that I love you even more on the days when your "facade" won't hold.

  2. >I'm right there with Sara… I do believe that it's in those times when our armor is off, the facade wiped away, the mascara streaked, that THEN we are truly brought together. We grow closer to Him in our brokenness and to those around us. We are all insecure and compare ourselves to the false front… the reality of us is so much more. I love you much. Can't wait to see your beautiful make-up-less face in LESS than 2 weeks! MUUWWAAAHh!

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