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>Lost In Summer

>It’s official:  I can’t multi-task.

Just finished the first week of summer vacation with the kids and not only did I not find time to blog…I nearly forgot that there were times when this house swam deep in the quiet moments that let me think!! 🙂  So here’s to a new week…and a sweet smile to the one that just passed, cuz it was much fun in the sun…both in Laughlin and in SouCali!!
~*~ Me and My Love ~*~
I am not complaining, mind you…just letting you guys know that I haven’t fallen off the face of the earth.  I will figure out balance…probably not until August, when they are due to return to school, but I am determined to find it!! 🙂
What are you doing this summer???
~*~ The joys of SouCal weather ~*~
Looking up while riding the waves of kids, time and fun ~*~ and of Laughlin’s amazing river water ~*~, as always…

7 thoughts on “>Lost In Summer”

  1. >SO glad to hear you're having tons of summer fun! Our weather has been junky so far but….here's to a new week and the hope of summer fun! Love you, Bina!!

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