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>Diane is hosting a blog-event in a desire to find out: How Cupid Shot Me…and this is my story:

In the year 2000, I was a single and living at home with my dad again…23 years old and divorced with three children, aged 4 and under…praying every single night, begging God to bring me someone who could love me even tho I was broken and carried so much “baggage”.

One night, unable to sleep, I found myself on a singles dating website.  So many personal ads…so much self love…too much “Ya, I don’t think so” running thru my mind…when there it was:




And I couldn’t click away from the screen.

I read it again…and again…and again…until I had it memorized.

But having been around the online scene a couple of times with disappointing results, my mind took over my heart and I switched the computer off.  I crawled into bed, shaking my head at the time that danced on my clock and worked to shut off my mind.

But an hour later, still unable to sleep…still going over the words from his page….I threw back the covers and returned to the chair facing the screen that held his information.

He replied to my email 2 weeks later (…after I had forgotten anything about that night…).

We emailed back and forth for a week before we talked on the phone (…when I had to sit and wait for my parents to go to bed so I wouldn’t have to answer questions…).

We created a relationship sight unseen that lasted for about three weeks (…but I was already in love…).

We had our first date on a Saturday night.

The next week, we let our kids meet and he told me he loved me.

Six months later, we married.
And today, one month short of 9 years of marriage I am still silly, stupid, giddy for the man that I met via an online dating site. 
Is he perfect?  Hardly…BUT he is the perfect man for me, created and led to me by a Creator who knew exactly what it was that we both needed and how to get us to each other.  
So, today…I think of my Valentine and I smile the soft smile of a woman who loves a man even after all the newness has worn away to reveal the reality of time, realness and being known…  I smile knowing that love is a choice that we have made…and continue to make each and every day.

Looking up as always…


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