My Kidlets

>Roller Coasters On My Phone


When I looked up something on my cell phone, I found a folder FULL of videos…

…that I didn’t make. 

I thought I was going to blog about them…

…but realized I haven’t the words to give full justice to what I found.
And so…
…I give you a taste…
…a sampling of joy.



For more smiles, laughs and samplings of joy
check out Debby’s place over at
~~~> Heavenly Humor <~~~
She passed on this beautifully bright and happy
award to me…and she makes me smile…
…a lot…

Looking up as always…


9 thoughts on “>Roller Coasters On My Phone”

  1. >so precious, bina! Not that long ago I found pictures in the digital camera from one morning when I was away at the gym and my husband had let the kids have at it with the camera. So much fun!

  2. >Ny 4-year-old Rowan is sitting on my lap watching your video. He just said, "Can we watch that again?!"Hey, I got the book in the mail yesterday — it looks awesome. And it was so cute that you wrapped it! Thanks again!!

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