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>The Wiser Heart & A GiveAway

>**Contest closed…BUT please read on for a great chance to hear me complain about how cold it is in Southern California šŸ™‚ **


Yes, I know.  Another California girl complaning that it is under 40 degrees…at night


Don’t hate me. 

You must know that a body acclimates to the temperatures that it must survive in…and I, poor little Bina, must survive in such conditions…as spoiled as you may think me…which only helps to seal my title of Princess….which isn’t really helping my position much in saying it is cold.  Ok…I will stop digging.

My point here was that I, personally, feel cold.  That better??

Yesterday morning, after taking the crew to school, I came home to snuggle under my warm blankets for a little bit, hoping to erase the chill from my bones, if not from my heart and mind.  Just as I found peace and the promise of cocoon-ment (…my blog – my words…), our dog began to pull and dig at my hip. 

I pulled up another blanket…a warm, fleece cover for his personal comfort…only to have him throw it off and continue to dig at my side with his nose and claws.

What exactly is your issue?”

He stopped, wagged his tail and, upon realizing that I wanted an actual answer, went back to pestering my personal comfort with his nose, now adding a slight growl. 

Shaking my head, I flipped open my blanket to him…and his chubby little body jiggled with joy as he quickly moved in as close to my body as he could fit.  As I flipped the blanket back over the now crowded section of the couch, I verbalized my thoughts to the one child who doesn’t ever have to not get his own way:

Are you kidding me?? 

You get your own blanket and you can’t just be happy
You have to get under my blanket. 
Spoiled rotten…”

Now…seeing that we were both comfortable…

I got around to opening the Word…
where God made me laugh out loud:

I keep the Lord before me always.
Because He is close to my side, I will not be hurt.”
Ps 16:8
He cheats…using my own dog to prove His Word!!
He cheats…but at reading that verse, I had to reach under the blanket and rub the ears of the one who has the wiser heart.  He knew that being as close to his “salvation” as possible was the better place to be…and I am so very glad that, when I dig and push to tuck in close, God never once says to me: “What exactly is your issue?”.
And now…
I promised you a giveaway…
and a giveaway you shall have! šŸ™‚
In honor of the best Valentine I have ever gotten, I am putting up the chance to win yourself a copy of the best love letter ever written. 

That’s right!!  I am going to giveaway the New Testament Audio Bible that I reviewed not too long ago.    Click here for a reminder of what I am talking about.

The whole set of CD’s can be yours…should you be the lucky winner.  (And should anyone think that I am easily parting with them…please note that I loaded them into iTunes so I am just passing on the free gift that I was given šŸ™‚

This contest will run until 8pm PST Sunday, February 14th and the rules, well they are quite simple:

1 – Leave a comment and you get an entry.

2 – Follow my blog by clicking on the “They really like me” section to the right and get another entry.

3 – Tweet about it and you get another entry for each tweet, once per day.
     *Please make sure you include @binaspad so I can keep track of your tweets.*

4 – Refer a friend this direction and you get TWO additional entries.
     *Tell them to put your name and/or twitter/blog name into their comment*

The winner will be drawn using a fail-proof, no-cheat method.

Again…they are kids…pulling a number from a basket….they won’t cheat!
Winner will be announced on Monday, Feb 15th.

**Once you do what yer gonna do for entries,
be sure to pop over to Diane’s Blog 
so you can join in on her Valentine’s Day fun too!!**

Looking up as always…


11 thoughts on “>The Wiser Heart & A GiveAway”

  1. >Hey you! Thanks for the shout out. Our church just passed out the Bible on CD, so I have one, but great contest. I will tweet you to help get the word out. Maybe they should make dog snuggies? Glad God spoke to you in the coolest way. :O)

  2. >My friend Diane just gave me one so I won't enter, but I absolutely loved your post! I love how you let God speak to you even in the most seemingly ordinary places…I need more of that!

  3. >Thanks for this post. I really am so glad I "met" you. Maybe just maybe one day we can meet. You think? And I want to enter the contest, please? I was thinking when I read the review, what a good thing! I want one….so now maybe I can win one? Hope your day is wonderful. šŸ™‚

  4. >Doesn't God use the simplest things to get His point across sometimes? And I love those animals. Great contest. But I just bought a set for my hubbie for Valentines. Blessings*

  5. >Great reading, you are very talented with writing, you should write a book someday. Hope you are doing well (don't need a chance to win the new testament, I have a lot of Bibles now)…

  6. >Ooh!! I read your review of that awhile back and was kicking myself for not seeing that on BookSneeze.This Louisiana girl has a lot in common with you–I think the 40s is too cold to go outside. Electric blanket and Bible in study in bed (+ cat) is perfect.

  7. >Thanks for the smack on the head. I'm so dense. I know exactly why my week has been cruddy. I haven't opened my bible, read your blog, read my daily devotional, nothin' but listen to The Fish on the way to work this week. Digging my way back to His side. Thanks B. šŸ™‚

  8. >well… I couldn't be happier that I hijaked my hubby's laptop just in time!!!ummm, I'm sorry you're so cold…no really, that's not fake sympathy.. I know that 40 is cold…-40 is colder, but I guess its all relative! And seeing as how as I read his I am anticipating a high in the mid 70's, your whining is acceptable!:)I do follow you, to the ends of the earth and back…don't know if I can fit a blog in in this crazy schedule though!:)Okay, I will quit now!

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