God, Lessons Learned

>Pop Like Corn

>He stood in front of our congregation yesterday, his pearly white smile gleaming out in contrast with his dark as night skin.  The moment he took the stage, his presence lit up my spirit…his laugh at forgetting his Bible on the pew echoed thru the silent santuary and then David Tarus opened his arms wide, as if to hug us all at once, as he began to speak.

I’ve been thinking lately about You
When it hit me from nowhere, out of the grey
Everything’s been coming together
Now that I’ve moved beyond myself
And wrapped my head around something else.

His heavy African accent coated his joyfilled verbal embrace of our congregation.  He apologized for not having a better grip on the language, for not focusing better in school when they attempted to teach him…but God’s Spirit within him allowed him to be heard loud and clear by the hearts of the church that prayfully and financially supports his mission that lays within the boarders of Kenya. 

I’ve been searching so much time disconnected
I was searching for perfection inside myself
But I finally turned away from my reflection
I saw Your world outside my door
And everything that I’ve been looking for

He brought a message of thankfulness and excitement.  He spoke of God’s promises seen and lived by his people back home.  He nearly jumped for joy as he shared what He has done in the way of milk, money and hope for the people of Kipkaren, Kenya.  His pictures were full of jugs and the means of transportation that get the creamy, white liquid to the Milk Cooling Plant which provides these people with their income for the families.  His lips never lost their smile…and his arms stayed wide open.

So I’ll lay down my pride ’cause You laid down Your life
And I’m giving up all that’s holding me back and clinging to You
And You’ll lead me thru
‘Cause You always do

As David closed his presentation of how God has been working for his congregation, he paused with a heavy breath.  He then said that He had placed a message on his heart for us…for the American church…
because you need God here as much as we need him in Kenya. 
You Americans.  You know what is hard about you? You are too closed up. 
Back at home,
                 we are always working outside,
         always passing each other so we always have the opportunity to bring God’s love. 
But you. 
You come to church, 
                    you run to your cars
                                             and then you shut yourself up in your houses. 
You Americans.  You need to get out of your houses. 
Christians are like popcorn. 
Your pastor is roasting you over the fire every Sunday. 

You need to POP out of your shells. 

James 2 tells us that faith without works is dead. 
Get up and out of your houses. 
                         Share God. 
                                    Let others see who God is to you. 
                                                                                   POP like popcorn!”

It’s not about me, it gotta be about You
All I wanna see is who You’re turning me into
I will not forget that you said You’d always lead me thru
To who I wanna be, making every part of me about You
Oh, my heart jumped in my chest as he spoke.  I was reminded of the New Testiment churches who sat and listened as the missionaries came to them, opened armed and full of love, pouring out their thanks for the support…and the correction seen from eyes dripping in love and an outside perspective.  I couldn’t help but go to him after the service and hug him…to which he smiled even wider (…as if possible…) and said “Ok!”
I can’t get his analogy out of my mind…  And as I walked thru Target this morning to get my daughter a new binder, the smell of the freshly popped corn hung in the air as a reminder of who I long to show…to I long to serve…to who I want to be.
It’s All About You, Lord
**For more information on David and his hometown of Kipkaren, Kenya’s efforts to find Godly ways of raising money and hopes among the people thru cows (yes…cows...), please visit Empowering Lives International.  They are an amazing ministry that began with the passion of one man for the people of Africa**

The bolded, green words are the lyrics to ZoeGirl’s All About You…my song of today.

***Give-Away will post on Wednesday.  Come back…bring some friends!***

Listening to ZoeGirl while looking up as always…


8 thoughts on “>Pop Like Corn”

  1. >awesome! I've been particularly "shut up"..focusing on my own self-centered, sin natured woes…been spending too much time "in me." Love coming here, Bina

  2. >wow. just. wow. The same burden on my heart for the church here. I wonder what God is doing…?*chills*Thank you for sharing, and for your words of encouragement at my blog this afternoon. You are appreciated.

  3. >Too closed up–yes, that describes me, especially this time of year, with so much sickness in my home and in everything around me. I would've loved to have been there to hear him speak. This was awesome to hear. Perfect message.

  4. >I reminded today, more than ever- that is not about me. There are a million reasons to be focused on loving others and responding to the needs of others. Thanks Bina!

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