Sweet Happiness

Today it is raining.

Even as I type that out, I am so fully aware of the fact that some of you out there haven’t left your house in weeks due to sub-zero temperatures and heavy snowfall and that this is probably the dumbest complaint you can see written in print…and I apologize for any offense.

You see…the rain often brings out the worst in my lungs as my particular brand of asthma hates the pitter patter of water on our roof almost as much as my heart loves the sweet smell it brings.  And so, I sit here…trying to make myself focus on the positives.  You know…little things like cupcakes OR, even better for my hips, pictures of cupcakes!!!

My sweet pal Alicia over at Life’s A Journey presented me with this very yummy looking award…and I come here now to follow the instructions that came with it: Write 10 things that make you happy and try to do at least one today! Then, give this award to 10 bloggers who make you happy…  Delicious fun, wouldn’t you agree???
10 Things That Make Me Happy
1 ~ Blog Hopping.  I really couldn’t tell you the amount of time that I have spent combing thru blog after blog…some of which I instantly click out of and many that I find myself curling up into.  When I have no other pressing appointments (…ok ok…and even sometimes when I DO…), I will busy my mind and my heart with the windows-into-the-mind that y’all have put out.
2 ~ A great book and a hot bath.  This can never be under-estimated…and thanks to Christmas and Thomas Nelson blogger books…I have a healthy stack to work thru!
3 ~ Being a total idiot so my children will laugh at me.  Yes…I mean TOTAL!!  I make up song lyrics, make them think I am driving like a crazy woman, pretend I can’t hear them right…anything to pull a giggle, a guffaw and a down right laugh from the sweet faces that I deliver to school each morning.  Five distinct personalities, all with happiness that warm my heart.
4 ~ Cupcakes.  OR those amazing sugar cookie things with the frosting on top.  OR cake with the sweet cream frosting. OR, well, you get the idea…
5 ~ A hug from my hubby.  To be honest, there is much that he does that makes me happy…but when he takes the time to ignore the world just long enough to just stand there and wrap me in his arms, well, ya.  Happiness.
6 ~ Journaling.  I love it.  I am addicted to it.  Granted, I use it for good and not evil, but I can’t even tell you how many times I have been stranded somewhere when I wasn’t planning on it and my first thought is “…and I didn’t think to grab my journal before I left!!!”  Yumminess.
7 ~ God.  He just…wow, how to phrase this…He just has a way of grabbing me and my attention that makes me long for Him to do it more often.  Granted, sometimes I don’t LIKE what it is that He has to say or what it is that He wants me to do…but I love the way He speaks to me, the way He directs me and the way He loves me…so I desire it all the time.
8 ~ Reality TV.  I know that sounds really stupid right now as it follows after the Almighty…but I can assure you that He is aware of my delight in it and He moniters my intake of it.  There is something about it that just makes me happy.
9 ~ My puppy.  Ok so he is not a puppy, but rather a slightly oldish man at almost 10 years old…AND he recently dislocated his knee and has a possible torn ligament…so he is all gimpy and limpy…and even tho I pitty his poor little body as he navigates the world on three legs, just to see him be happy to see me…it just makes me happy.
10 ~ Friends.  Knowing that God has blessed me with people who care about me, just as I am.  I have been extra blessed thru many of you who are reading this right now as I never would have guessed that He would bless me with folks who would care about me having never known me in real life…that you would just “hear” my heart and would take a likin’ to me…and for that, I am so very happy!
So there you go – in a nutshell…that is bigger than a house…there are are things that make me happy.
As for bloggers who make me happy:

I pray that your day is filled with things that make you happy…and that if it is a day like mine in which you need something to divert your attention, I pray you pop on over to one of my friend’s places and find a little sweet smile!

Listening to Dora on TV (…don’t know why tho as I am alone in my house…) while looking up as always…


12 thoughts on “Sweet Happiness”

  1. You had me at cupcakes! Haha!!!Congratulations on the award! You totally deserve it!!! Also, thanks for passing it to me. I love me some bloggy awards!!! I enjoyed reading your list especially #7. Good stuff!

  2. I laughed out loud as you excused your offense, and its okay, we are thawing here and well, I will feel pity for you my friend. Great list!! (((HUGS))))

  3. I must tell you, I love you already and just "met" you. I found you through Diane Estrella. I really enjoyed this post. I have made up song lyrics my entire life. πŸ™‚ Besides that one thing we have in common, most every other thing on your list…could be on my things that make me happy list. Happy Wednesday!

  4. Alisa… I was had at cupcakes too…what can I say? Icing does it for me! Congrats to YOU…I appreciate the smiles you give me!!my alicia… That excuse was meant to make you laugh, as YOU were the face in my mind when I complained that it was 55 and raining! ha haLL… Speaking of happiness, I am halfway thru my very own copy of your heartbeated poetry!!Nicole… Thank you!! Glad I could make you smile.Christy… Welcome! I am always glad to know that I am not alone in my, um, uniquified mental state (and yes, I just made that word up…surprising as that sounds!). Glad you popped on over and I look forward to getting to know you better…we us-type-peeps have to stick together! :)Kristen… For you?!?! The world!!Karen… Another icing anything fanatic…a pair made in heaven, we are! :)Thanks for giving me a smile in return – all your comments left me zipidee doo dahed!

  5. I just knowthat I knowthat I knowthat we would have a crazy-good time if we could spend real-life time together. Your happy list makes me … HAPPY! I'd love to sing stupid songs and make up silly lyrics with you. That's the crazy sort of thing we do here at the Lee House.Thanks for sending the love my way. You're a blessing!

  6. Some of our happys overlap…I particularly liked Journaling, God, a hug from your hubby (except what makes me happy is, of course, a hug from mine…to me…just to be clear), puppy-that-isn't-a-puppy, friends, and definitely:"Being a total idiot so my children will laugh at me."I do it, too, for my four kids with four distinct personalities = four more happys.Glad to get to know you better–this is a personality-revealing post!

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  8. We'd be great friends if we lived nearby. I loved reading your ten things. I'm a silly mom too. And thank you so much for counting me in our the bloggers that make you happy. That was a sweet surprise for me tonight.Sending love your way,Tiffany

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