Life At Home, My Kidlets

>It’s Me Again Monday!!!

>I don’t know about the rest of you, but Monday is really the start of my week as that is the day that all the other resident’s of Casa DeLa Bina…well, they go away.  Back to school for the smaller, Engergizer-Bunnified five…back to the salt mines of the handsome, taller one…and back to silence for me.

Now please don’t misunderstand me as I look forward to and enjoy the weekends so deeply!  My joy is found in the litte, simple and everyday things that come from raising these joys…

Snapshots of Days Beginning in “S”:
…barbies played in blanket-tents at 3 on a Sunday afternoon….
…movies watched in the dark –
no, she “isn’t scared” but “Daddy can I have your hand?” whispers on the air…
…”See you after church, Momma.  Can I have a hug before you go to class?”…
…waking up at 930am to a morning full of PJ clad, cartoon watching kids of all ages…
…basketball bouncing off metal garage door…again…
…”Can I just get ONE more song from iTunes???”…
…family outings…Bowling? Sounds great!…
Oh yes, I know that these are the moments that I will remember one day when they are grown and gone.  These are the moment I will miss and look back on, as this is our life…
But when they leave…well…this is also my life:

Snapshots of Monday:
…jacket on the chair: good thing it will warm up
legos under it: the Starship not yet completed
…cups in the sink: 3, no 4 and a bowl beside
…bathroom wreckage: least her hair will be pretty today!…
…5 pencils, 1 pen and box of spilled crayons: Crud!! where are the 6 missing colors??…
2 giant balls and a basket of markers: is there a reason the pencils, pen and crayons aren’t in this???…
…paper…paper…paper…a perfectly good tree died to litter my living room!…
No…I love my chaotic weekends with all my heart!
…but I crave Mondays when the house goes back to chaos controlled

…when I have a moment to myself

…when I re-locate the place in my heart that needs fed
…when I get to be me…for just a few hours a day
…to the time when I can really be the introvert that no-one pegs me for

Still stinky and sweaty from the morning’s tredmill walk (hee hee), but looking up as always…

9 thoughts on “>It’s Me Again Monday!!!”

  1. >Ahh… I so relate dear friend. Monday. Used to be my nemesis, now, my welcome friend. I love the weekends as well with my beloveds, but oh. the simple joy of having the house to ourselves! Blessings to your Monday!

  2. >my alicia… Mondays whisper hope to my soul, but it took finding my path to hear it! 🙂 Blessings back on YOUR Monday!!Alicia… May the Lord bless your sweet soul that can handle home-schooling your sweet babies. I can't – thought about it once and needed Zanax just to finish the sentence in my brain! :)Tamika… I inhale the moments, more now than ever as I have learned that you need them to keep moving up the mountain! Hugs to you three on this quiet day.

  3. >Bina, you made me smile and remember those days. I enjoy a bit on lone-ness at times, too. I work now that my kids are grown, and love the weekends, and treasure those little kid things even more now.

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